The Help Achieve Dreams Kenya

Truth be said, if something is good, we should acknowledge its goodness. In life, we always have dream goals, once we achieve them it’s always good to reward ourselves for such propels us to a next mission and motivates us for greatness.

Help Achieve Dreams Kenya (Head-K), founded on the 20th November 2015, a group like no other. As their mission sates, they work towards promoting dream achievement in the society. Well, if all of us achieved their goals as their mission is, m presuming the world would be the best ever place to live.
I hoped you noted that their name also describes them perfectly. On to our main question, what do they do, what are their key goals and objectives, what have they achieved so far? To answer this question, I had a short interview with the Acting CEO to get to each to each sentiment.

“Am Linnet Chebet, The Acting CEO at Help Achieve Dreams Kenya and a student at Moi University. When we came up with the organization, I never knew we would reach such a stage.We were mere campus students but am happy that did not deter us from doing it. Right now, I look back and just have to thank God on the far we have come, “she said.
I was keen to note their key sub sections in their organization. They have four main sections.

The Leadership Academy
Well, as we would except of a real life school, they have an interesting system, they train leaders at all levels without necessarily getting them to class. They begin from the school levels where they teach the same. They have been to a couple of schools , well, the list is long. They not only do this to the secondary and primary school level but they also are working on leadership training in various universities with the aim of impacting the best leadership skills ever. An all rounded generation. To them, the young are actually the leaders we have. That’s why they put all effort to impact such skills on students.

Peace Ambassadors
A society may not achieve its dream goals it does not embrace peace and harmony. Head-K is at the forefront in ensuring peace and tranquility all over the country. They have already begun peace advocacy by planning for walks and public mobilization on the importance of living in peace ad embracing one another without discrimination each other on the basis of tribe differences. This is very commendable as this comes in as we approach the 2017 general elections here in Kenya. Lest I forget, Head-K managed to preach peace in Moi University in the year 2016 and thus helped lead a free and wrangle free elections. It should be noted that the previous year’s elections were not very pleasing. They surely deserve warm gratitude for such a task.

Talent Bakery
Many have talents but they really do know what to do and where to showcase them Well, Head-K has such a wonderful scheme where they help raise funds and fund various personnel to go to competitions and showcase their talents, who knows…if they win, we all win.

Environmental Wardens
Again, as the whole trend has been, a society which doesn’t have clean surroundings may not achieve its dream goals as well. Through waste management and clean ups, Head-K works ensures we have a cleaner environment.

Charity Center
Well, the less fortunate in the society have at most times been left aside, with no one minding their welfare. Head-K takes this to a whole new level. They should as well achieve their dreams like everyone else should. Visiting various children’s homes, raising money to help the disadvantaged, wow, this one touches me.

Well, there you have it, helping achieve dreams. Maybe to tackle some other areas;
If you wish to support the group;

Contact them at
Facebook: Help Achieve Dreams Kenya
Instagram; Help Achieve Dreams Kenya
Contact; 0790480390

Let me wish them well as they help achieve dreams. All the best.

6 thoughts on “The Help Achieve Dreams Kenya

  1. Well, we are humbled by your message. We will continue working hard and smart to ensure that we live to achieve our goals and objectives as we.. Thank you once again for such message.

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