Scholarship Application Notes

Well, am out of high school, where do I start. Who will guide me? Is there any office that deals with scholarship issues? Is there any special document that I require?

Lots of questions come to your mind as it is common to any Kenyan ex candidate.

Have it in mind that it is more than possible for you to acquire a place in a University abroad.

I researched on various rules and guidelines that you may follow as you apply, hope you find this helpful.

Scholarship Application Notes

  1. It starts from passion at first. Are you willing to study abroad? Are you willing to sacrifice and give the opportunity your full strength and sacrifice? What is your main motivation towards studying abroad?
  2. There are no instant results ever in this world. Some scholarship takes months for them to release the results. Do not apply for a scholarship with the instant mentality that the results shall be released the nest day. Some may do so but with the higher and increasing number of applicants, it might take time for the organizations involved to respond.
  3. When applying, be keen and aware of fraudsters, they usually ask for money in the name of registration fees. If you have to pay, as some are truly legal, kindly make sure a proper channel is set out. Ask or talk to the respective authorities for confirmation on the same.
  4. Most of the application process is always done online, so past knowledge of computer skills is needed. Take some time, enroll in a nice approved computer school and learn some basic knowledge as per computer is involved.If not,seek help from a friend with well averse computer skills.
  5. Have a good record of your passwords and other important information you receive from the universities during application process. Many universities always want you to open online accounts. Forgetting the passwords to such sites may cost you later.
  6. Have your documents in soft copy and stored well in your drive to enable you acquire them from anywhere, thanks to IOT.{Internet Of Things}.
  7. Some universities may require you to provide recommendation letters. Your former school may come in handy. Remember, the legacy you leave in your high school is very important.
  8. To be on a safer side, if you get a chance, sit for international exams such as TOEFL and SAT’s. Most Universities in the States require you to have sat for this exams. You can enroll while at high school and sit for the exams or register after high school and sit for the same.
  9. Lastly, work hard in high school and obtain a good grade. Not only are grades important but details about your co-curricular activities is also very much important.
  10. You don’t to “know anyone” as it is a common Kenyan phrase to acquire a scholarship. Submit the best of yourself and God shall bless you.

In Kenya, one can always visit the website of the higher education and access a list of some approved scholarships and apply.The list provides officially approved scholarships.You can access the site through this link;

Ministry of Higher Education-Scholarships

You can also search through the internet for other opportunities though it might be tricky choosing the correct and the right scholarship opportunity you may want.

Lastly, pray hard, God rewards a faithful heart, He will surely guide you through.I surely wish you all the best as you make your decision. Remember, you are created for an ideal purpose, and should achieve it.

If you have any questions regarding the same or currently open scholarships, I offer free consultations at blog;

Contact me through this link.

All the best





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