Blaze Kenya! A lifetime chance

Well, it is far beyond doubt that Blaze Kenya is impacting the lives of many youths in Kenya. I may not do much but rather share my gratitude to the whole blaze Kenya Team and Safaricom at large for such a great and inspiring project.

My Experience

Days before the event, the First of its kind which was held in Eldoret Sports Club, I had no idea of such until a friend shared the same. Basing on the description, one would obviously think of the “Normal Party Bashes and Meetings” everyone is used to. Little did we know of what lie ahead of us.

Its Friday and all the roads are heading to Eldoret Sports Ground. Having managed to convince yet another friend, I could not miss in the great crowd. At last, am past the gate, with a branded T-Shirt, Credit worth one hundred cash and many coupons to be redeemed at each tent.

Lest I mention, the organization, perfect. Small tents each with different mentors to help us learn and answer our questions. Music, Entrepreneurship and much more. With my long time love for technology, I visited the tent for technology and spent the better part of my mid-morning. Well, I learnt a lot about Livity Africa, Digify Bytes, the power of social media, more about google as well as internship opportunities at google.

At the technology tent

Soon, after visiting a couple of other tents and having learnt a lot as well, we all gathered in a large tent where the anticipative youth had sat peacefully ready to receive the best from the speakers.

Rappers King Kaka and Wangechi, Drummer Olive Kihoro among a pool of mentors had been set to present to us. You can watch King Kaka’s excellent talk here:King Kaka’s Presentation

Lastly, I got the opportunity to network and meet great young people. Am glad I met Michael Muthiga, the great mind behind the creation of the Fatboy animations. Watch his presentation at Michael’s Presentation


Moses Mwanaszumbah,Michael Muthiga (Fatboy Animations) and I.(Joshua Wambua)

In a nutshell,

  • It is blaze where we the youth are given an opportunity to learn from the other young people who have broken the barriers to achieve success.
  • In the blaze summits, one gets a rare opportunity to listen, ask questions, learn and be inspired by the hope that they can find the courage to pursue their dreams.
  • With the upcoming “Be your Own Boss Tv Show, the youth can have an opportunity and stand a chance to not only be mentored by other successful young Kenyans but also win funding for their business.


The list is long. For those in Nairobi, you really cannot miss this great chance in the upcoming Blaze Summit in Nairobi…and remember, we are helping each other so kindly attend with your friend.Blaze in Nairobi

Read more at:All you want to know about Blaze

More than fun…

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