“Bush” memories

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(Above-The Admission block)

Alliance High School memories

Love it or hate it, this school still remains the best I have ever found. Those who went to this school am sure they have a lot to share and are real men who are strong to serve indeed. Four years in this school is all what you need to be shaped to a strong, courageous, focused and packed young man ready for the task ahead of you.

Looking back, the following memories will always be in my mind.

  • The school Prayer;

Have in thy keeping O lord, our God, this school;
That its work may be thorough and its life joyful;
That from it may go out,
Strong in body, mind and character, men who
In Thy name and with Thy power,
Will serve their fellows faithfully, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen

  • The school Anthem

Lord while for all mankind we pray,
Of every Clime and coast,
Oh hear us for our native school,
The school we love the most x3

This shaped our form one first term as we learnt about the school schedule, the anthem, the school prayer, different places and their locations. Just to mention a few questions featured in Tie Test;

  1. A visitor has just arrived in the school, kindly explain the directions on how you will direct him to the Incinerator.
  2. Write the list of school principals since 1978.
  3. What are the number plates of the principal’s car?
  4. Name 5 bi-spectacled school prefects.

Failing this test would make you miss a tie for weeks, did you pass your tie test?

  • The nine houses are still memorable (Currently ten)

Livingstone House: Scottish explorer Dr. David Livingstone.

Aggrey House: Dr. Aggrey of Achimota

Wilberforce House: Scottish abolitionist Sir William Wilberforce

(The new Complex)

Grieve House: first principal of the school George Arthur Grieve

Arthur House: Scottish medical missionary John Arthur

Francis House: school’s second principal Edward Carey Francis

Smith House: longest serving member of the teaching staff Mr. James Stephen Smith

Sellwood House: Major Sellwood.

Campbell House: school’s third principal Mr. L.J Campbel

  • School prefecture

Prefects Enforce A Self-Discipline System At Alliance High-(Check out YouTube Video)

Cant miss this. Do you remember you’re the name of the prefecture body during you time?

Martinets (2014), Autocrats (2015), Acculturates (2016).

  • The chapel services;
  • Image result for alliance high school website photos
  • (AHS Chapel)

I love the fact that religion is a core value in the school. Going by the last few words of the school prayer;

“…will serve their fellows faithfully through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

During my time I must recommend the then and still serving principal who always joined us in church despite his busy schedule.

  • Lifting

The art of ‘lifting’ is a common practice especially among form two and three students. Lifting is the process of one showing their leadership qualities through various ways so as to be considered for various leadership positions especially as prefects.

Am still lifting with a vision of running our country few years to come, for now, am in the leadership bakery. Look forward to you support by then, in the grace of God.

  • Opening and closing school on Thursdays

This has been the trend and still is up to date. Over the years, the school has opened and closed its term calendar on Thursdays. Am not conversant with history and therefore I may not give the exact reason as to why this trend is followed.

  • Cross country at the first Saturday when the school re opens

Strong in “body”. Just after reporting to school and the students have gained quite some weight during the holidays, this came on your way and compulsory for everyone.

Work with no play…Not only cross country but other games as well. How did you “set” you were in while at high school perform during your time? I was in the cheering squad and we always never disappointed.

  • Fish Thursday and Principals Dinner

Thanks to the school management, closing days are characterized by a school dinner on the closing eve, where students are treated to a sumptuous meal and an award ceremony held.


Much can be said including the tradition of wearing shorts right from form one to form four,Thursday hymn practice, Saturday entertainment,”Funkies-Khaemba Tournament” the exchange programs, “socials” and above all the awesome academic prowess which makes the school produce best candidates each year.

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Lastly, the great charismatic principals the school has always had. In my time, D. G Kariuki is and was the principal. With the Saturday principals talk, he got to share many topics in a bid to promote the all rounded leadership in us.

During the last talk’ he had the following to impact on us;

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(AHS Principal,Mr D.G Kariuki-Photo Adapted from:)

  1. Life will always never be fair
  2. You will not make a million, become a president, drive a cool car, all at once! You have to begin low, work smart and develop.
  3. If you always thought the teachers were tough, wait till you meet your boss.
  4. The word does not care about your self esteem, no one will call you “my son”.You have to believe in yourself and view yourself as a champion.
  5. “Flipping mud is not beneath your dignity.”
  6. Before you were born, your parents were not as boring as they are now, they got boring from caring about you.
  7. In life, there are always  be losers and winners.
  8. Be nice, humble and strive for the best at all times.

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Back then…when I bid this prestigious school “kwaheri”..


Special tribute to

Class of 2014


2014   4D CLASS

Martin Kuria,Elijah Kapurua,Kigen Collins,Victor Agutu,Cosmas Nzoka,Earnest Ochieng,Lincoln Koech’Mcfie Kimani,Mutune Paul,Joseph Nzioka,Nelson Waithaka,Pambo Julius,Kigen Collins,Kelvin Muthike,Chiel Olubayi,Michael Njogu,Edwin Sarioyo,Dan Tarus,Juma Salim,Brian Mugambi,Arnold Kiptum,Daniel Kasa,Victor Mungai,Jasper Okoth,Moses Muchiri,Dickson Luseno,Gift Mkoji,Mohammed Amin,Silas Sankale,Losuru Ekomwa,Calton Moseti,Douglas Mbogo (Still Updating…)

img_20161002_174802Class teacher



Titus Shikokoti





Other Class Teachers


Above-Victor Odandi(French)

Madam Emai(Biology)

Madam Wamalwa(Kiswahili)

Mrs. Ochieng’ (English)

Mr Ndege (History)

Mr Shikokoti (Mathematics)

Mrs Musyimi (Physics)       ….still updating.

None Teaching Staff;

Mr Lumumba- Your “ngumus” were awesome

Mr Kagina – Kagina’s Canteen helped much when the dining hall became unfriendly

“Lockwizi”- I may not remember his name clearly but his camera served many of us especially during visiting days.

It is closing day and this we all sing in one accord;

Lord, dismiss us with thy blessing;

Fill our hearts with joy and peace.

Let us each, thy love possessing,

Triumph in redeeming grace.

Oh, refresh us, oh, refresh us,

Trav’ling thru this wilderness.

Oh, refresh us, oh, refresh us,

Trav’ling thru this wilderness.

Thanks we give and adoration

For the gospel’s joyful sound.

May the fruits of thy salvation

In our hearts and lives abound.

Ever faithful, ever faithful

To the truth may we be found.

Ever faithful, ever faithful

To the truth may we be found.


I am fully aware not all us have the right singing vocals, listen to the YouTube song here;Lord dismiss us with thy blessing video





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  1. The principal’s sayings made sense once we left the school. He was indeed preparing us for the life out here…… Great memories on your side. Big ups man

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