Who is for them?

You see them lying on the streets
Digging futilely in the filthy bins
To finish off whatever foody you disposed
They compete with hounds and bacteria
Because they can’t afford nothing in a cafeteria
Who is for them?

They are dirty and stinking
And we abhor them like devils
We are afraid they will steal from us
They are a face of terror to us
But does it strike our ignorant minds
Who is for them?

They sleep out in the open
Face the full malice of the damn cold
And diseases are part of them
Their deaths nobody notices
Yet most are just innocent kids
Now, who is for them?

Who the hell does children rights act stand for?
What of children rights organizations?
Who does the government protect?
If not this powerless children of Kenya
Who know nothing like independence
Who is actually, for them?

Let’s give us a future
Let’s make them part of our dreams
They are kids like anyone has ever been
They wield untapped potential
They could be the missing piece
In our development puzzle
Let’s be there for them

Are you there for them?

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