The A-Z while working

Are you aspiring to work or are you working somewhere?

Be ready for some few insights

Calling, yeah, service is more than a calling

Do you have the passion for your job field?

Expertise and skill play a key role as well

Give the best at all times

Honesty and trustworthiness should be part and parcel of your character

Invention and creation of new ideas in your job area should push you ahead

Join friends wisely

Keep clean, your outlook says much about you

Learn to listen

Make wise decisions especially about strategic issues

New methods of approach reduce monotony of always handling the same situation

Outcomes may be different from your expectations, accommodate them

Push on even when the future seems disappointing

Quiet times and self-evaluation times are important and may be taken often

Read widely to increase the scope of your knowledge

Strictness will determine how better your results will be

Take time for social responsibilities as well

Unity while working is mandatory especially with colleague workmates

Vow to producing the best out of yourself always

Work with no play makes you dull, go to the gym and keep fit

X-Mass and other celebrations do not happen each day, don’t party every night (if you must), the hangovers won’t allow you keep time the next day.

You have the choice to spoil or give the best, make your move.

Zeal…be zealous at all times.


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