Develop Your Brand-The “Me-Limited”

Ever thought of yourself as a brand?

cloud-computing-what-is-it-is-that-the-computing-which-makes-use-of-6ul0rq-clipartGoogle, Mercedes, Microsoft and other bands are examples of the worldly brands that we may be familiar with. What really makes them re-known and worldly recognized?

As I sought to answer this, I thought of we human beings as brands too. We own a “Me-Limited” company. As it is for the manager and all other state-holders of a company to ensure a company’s success, we have a responsibility of building our own self companies and ensure they are real brands that many may be satisfied with what we have to offer.

A company doesn’t grow immediately to a brand but rather though sacrifice and hard work, the results are later brought forth.

Personal Branding

What you do besides your educational arena determines the value of your brand. Many employers are fond of asking, what else do you do apart from classwork? Self-branding is therefore a very important aspect in our lives. There are two key attributes and what defines us.

The tangible– This is basically your educational status, the certificates, degrees and other academic oriented results.

The Intangible aspect This is the most important aspect and has a larger role to play in the development of our brands. The main sub groups o the intangible aspects are basically;

-What “they” talk about you

-What you say about yourself

-What you associate yourself with

Am I ready for branding?

I can basically describe life basing on these two categories

  • Childhood-After studies
  • Working class
  • The retired {old age}

If you are young and studying, this serves you right. The tips you learn here will help you much. We all dream of good lives ahead, awesome and well-paying jobs ahead not left behind. I tend to agree with the statement that we are in the “Instant Generation”. We expect all our results instantly. However, let us learn on the importance of patience. Most successful people are patient. Work smart and have what it takes first before going for the challenge.


Our past makes us who we are today, today makes us who will grow up to be.

How then do I brand myself?



Many are wondering why media had to be my first point. Well, we are in a digital world where the internet has made the world seem to be a small village. What you write and post on social media platforms talks much about yourself. I saw this photo on a guys Facebook timeline totally drunk lying on a street under the status, “Yesterday was the day!” A thought came to myself, would we vote in such a person as our president in the future? Today, interview panelist will find all about us in social media. We should therefore be keen and maintain our dignity in media.

How do we dress?


This is another contradictory topic. Dress nicely and decently and people shall respect you. Your dressing says much about yourself.

How do we handle power?

If entrusted with a leadership position, bring the best out of yourself. How will you be handed over greater leadership opportunities if you already messed up with the small leadership role that you already had? Despite the condition, remember, someone is watching and will hold you accountable.

It may not be instantly but in the future, you may have to give an account. Ever heard of people being accused of scandals that happened back then? Well, they maybe never thought the issue would be exposed days or years after.

In summary, take key of the following;

  • Your dressing has a large role to play in describing you
  • Handle leadership with great wisdom. You might not know about the future.
  • Social networks might be personal but when it comes to finding more about you, what you posts will add in a few attributes
  • Be unique and always stand out no matter the circumstance. Be your real self.
  • Follow your talent and passion. Never under-estimate the power behind your talent.
  • Be keen on what you speak. You look intelligent and wiser when you remain silent. Who knows what you are thinking about?
  • Associate with the right people. Someone said “Show me four lawyers and the fifth person is a lawyer too.” The people you stay with impact much on you.
  • Read widely. Life is all rounded, be all rounded as well in terms of what you know.
  • aid883414-728px-be-a-good-team-leader-step-10
  • Be an expert. You may love what you do though you are not an expert yourself.
  • Do you have a business card? You might think of acquiring one. What happens when you meet a potential employer and he asks for you contact? Will there be enough time to rush for a pen and paper?
  • Networking is key. Your network is your net worth.


Regardless of age, position and business, we all have to realize the need and importance of our own brands.

Work smart and build your “Me-Limited” company. That is what sells you.

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