Are you paying your rent?

service-is-the-rent-we-pay-for-being-it-is-the-very-purpose-of-life-and-not-so-403x403-nk32b0They say “service is the rent we pay for being”. The key question that I must ask today is “Are you paying your rent?” Of what legacy are you leaving behind today? Can the society and the people around you appreciate your input?

Giving back is investing time and energy to meet a certain need. Of what ways can we then be of importance to our society and the community at large?

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

Sir Winston Churchill
British Statesman, Prime Minister, Author, Nobel Prize Winner

One way we enhance society is through volunteering to share our insights and aptitudes, our work and our heart. As an entrepreneur or a business person, odds are, other people helped you on your way to your achievement. Why not give back by helping them establish themselves in their different fields? Teach them the entrepreneurship skills that you have for instance, offer different volunteering open doors for business visionaries who need to impart their business skill and impact their lives as well.

royalty-free-confused-clipart-illustration-215222As is common to many, most of us give excuses of all types. ‘I am busy and may not have time for such activities’ you claim. We are blinded by money and we often cannot afford to take part in any charity work or volunteer activity of any kind. We often segregate ourselves and claim not to recognize those that need our help.

The bitter truth and one funny state of life is that no one knows what lies ahead. No one know what the future holds. It is completely unpredictable. Today, you might be sick, tomorrow, you are healed. You may lack today, tomorrow you have enough. I do not want to portray an angel of doom, but, you may need the help of that friend whom you betrayed one day. You may need the assistance of that lady whom you failed to be there for her when she needed you the most.

So then, are we giving back to the society as a bribe for the future? Absolutely not, do your best and let God be the judge. Don’t do it for the people to see. I always refer to the Bible teachings as and seek the Godly advice.

Galatians 6;9 says “English Standard Version
And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”

Not everyone can afford such a time, why not plan and incorporate the spirit of giving back in your company? Why not leave out some time were your family can visit a children’s’ home and share a meal?

Spread your compassion and let someone feel appreciated.It is the best you can ever do

Why not speak to that guy seated next to you on a bus and seems troubled? Why not visit that neighbor who is not feeling well and let them feel your compassion? Pack some extra lunch for your kid and let them share with that unable kid at school.

We need to raise a generation that supports each other. I must commend all organizations that see to it that they find a way of giving back. I might not put downs the names of such groups but, am proud of you. Do not tire doing good deeds, your reward lies ahead. Keep up the great work.

626To all the people who are public figures and leaders in general .You have a lot to do. For the parents, we are the pace setters for our children. Teach the art of service and they shall live to thank you.

I always quote my high school principal who said ‘If everyone would sweep their compounds, the whole world would have been the best to live in” Do your part and I shall play my role as well.

4 thoughts on “Are you paying your rent?

  1. This is what Jesus talked about when He said that we should be like Him and He came to serve, not be served. How often do I miss opportunities to serve someone because I am too busy? Thanks for sharing.

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