You might need these keys…

lazy-workerYou wanted to start a business when we met last week, right? How is it that you now want to become a member of county assembly today? Here comes Mwanszumbah, Mr. Kimani’s son, I remember, he always wanted to score an A, when we met him last holiday. Am shocked he no longer has that vision.Well here goes some of the “Keys” successful people never forget to carry.

# Key 1  They concentrate on their main goals.

Well, nobody has ever reached their potential by scattering their goals in twenty directions. Once you have made up your mind and have come up with a well set out goal, move on. Have you ever noticed that if you would leave a bus for another, the one you left seems to move faster? Ever been in a queue waiting to be attended? If you leave one queue for another the first one seems to move faster and one always wishes they could have remained on the first queue.

In the real world, your plans always seem to be wrong from your side. Do not be tempted to leave for “greener pastures”. As long as you believe in what you do, be blind to the temptations and focus on achieving your ideal goal.

#Key 2  They focus on continual improvement

water-03Remember the last time you fetched water from a water tap? You were impatient and couldn’t wait for the cup to fill with water. You ended up drinking two-half glasses of water. If only you’d have waited for one full glass. We are want instant results. “My company should be making a million dollars profit today” we claim, not realizing that the company is only two months old. Commitment to continual improvement is one of the keys to becoming successful. You can always do better tomorrow, you may not reach your goal today, but in the end, you shall have made it.

#Key 3  They forget their past

Jack Hyford; a pastor of a church on the way to Van Muys California commented, “the past is a dead issue, we cannot gain momentum towards tomorrow is we are still dragging our past behind us.” Not all us were good in physics but, don’t drag you past with you.

forget-the-pastI failed yesterday, but that has nothing to do with me trying today. Am determined to make it despite the past.

# Key 4 They focus on the future

You can be better tomorrow than you are today As the Spanish proverb says, “he who does not look ahead remains behind.” How will your life be ten from now? Have you figured that out already? Do you save your earnings for the future? You are single, am presuming, what kind of a spouse would you like to marry? I left out a key question, what would you like to be when you grow up? I can figure out what you are thinking, that’s a class three question, though you have no answer now. Have a vision for the future, he who does not know where he is going, any road can take him there

# Key 5 They are always optimistic

optimism-bas-0720-824x0_q71_crop-scaleYou don’t think you can become a millionaire, do you? Negative thinking is very destructive. Negative thinkers always valuable time and resources dwelling on why things cannot be done. They often anticipate failure on their minds and endeavors. They use their minds to validate their pessimistic perspective.

Always be positive and yearn for the best despite the circumstances.


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