‘Thought no one saw you? Well, I did…’

a0248-000005We all chew gum, I stopped chewing recently when I developed tooth problems. Dustbins exist for a specific and known purpose though we still find gum mostly under school hall tables and chairs. Ever wondered how they the gum found its way down there?

What happens when you are in your room and your favorite jam plays. I didn’t say you dance, but I know you are familiar with that latest dance move.

This happens lots of time, that moment you are enjoying your favorite snack is when the most delicious part falls drops down. Many say that germs are not aware, I didn’t mean to point out that they pick them up in a matter of microseconds, did I?

Remember in the morning before you left for school, you danced off in front of the mirror and made funny faces. No one saw you, am pretty sure.

That moment when no one is around, weird parts of bodies start itching. Well, no one is watching you, scratching yourself won’t spoil the day.

1000-woman-biting-nailsIts unhealthy, I know you forget your nail cutter most of the times. Right when everyone is busy and no one seems to mind you, you bite off that awkward finger nail.

I can point out more and more situations when we do things simply because no one tends to be watching. I’m really not portraying that it is wrong doing them but, my main point is to make us aware of the idea of doing things in private.

 I can define integrity as following your moral or ethical convictions and doing the right thing in all circumstances, even if no one is watching you. It all begins from the small things that we do and later to high profile cases of lack of integrity. Did you return that extra change you got from the bank teller? You recently saw someone drop their wallet, were you kind enough to inform them?

Are you the kind of person who arrives early or tends to be busy only when the manager of your company is around? CCTV cameras are doing quite good nowadays, but, must they be there for us do to the right thing?

One of the major problems being experienced in most schools is cases of exam irregularity. Exam cheating is a menace that continues to spoil and diminish the quality of our education.

This are not only the cases of lack of integrity but also in situations where one is bribed to actually go against their code of conduct as well their personal dignity. Slowly, corruption crawls into our society.

We must regain our moral standards as a society and focus on maintaining our integrity at all terms. It may not pay, but rather makes you acquire a sense of respect and personal dignity. No one might be watching you but always remember that you don’t need a crowd to do the right thing, let your principles guide you.



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