5 Friendship Tablets…(follow prescription keenly)

Ever noticed that we all have different personalities from one another?

Jamie loves making fun of people. George always keeps time, he might even leave you behind if you don’t manage to be punctual. Max’s room is always neat, the last time I visited, he got mad at me for pouring water on his couch. It was by accident though, I couldn’t do that on purpose. Frank is the “ever serious guy” ,never jokes, he might give you a blow if you cross his line. I’ve never received any punch though, I watch my steps keenly.

The list can’t be full without mentioning my female friends, Mary and her roommate Lynn love partying, a lot. They can sacrifice all what it takes, provided, they don’t miss any single party. Sarah doesn’t love hanging out with lots of people. She lives a silent life and always keeps it to herself.

You all can agree with me that we all have different types of friends and personalities all around us. You may not be pleased with their character but they will always be there. You cannot choose which classmate to have. You cannot decide which workmate joins your company.

Currently, you have a “beef” with someone. You probably don’t talk to them. You recently couldn’t agree on a certain issue and called it off.

prescriptionEver wondered why some people are good and loved by everyone? They are always in good terms with everyone, well here is their secret prescription. Have your dosage, and make sure you follow the prescription to the latter.


Tablet #1 Forgive

med-5This is a major cure to curb all the wrong doings someone has done to you. Let them know they did wrong and you are willing to forgive them. It’s a two-way traffic, ask for forgiveness when you offend your friends as well.

Tablet #2. Find out what other people like

Once you are aware of the interests of someone. You will not obviously do anything that hurts them or what they really hate.medicine-1

 Tablet # 3 Be good to everyone

It does not matter whether someone did good to you or not, learn to always deal fairly with everyone. People might not remember what you did to them but will always treasure what you made them feel.

 Tablet #4 Learn on how to handle your angermed-2

We all get mad sometimes. Anger can make us do the unthinkable. Most fights arise if anger isn’t well controlled. Take some lonely time or go for a walk to cool down your temper.

#5 Respect other people’s opinions

Not all our ideas are right. Interestingly, not all other peoples ideas are right. For us to reach a consensus, we have to listen and weight out the differences. Learn to listen.

Lastly, be a man of your principles. Someone once said a wise man baths every day but a principled man baths only when it is necessary. Everyone will respect you if you are a man of your words, you always stick to your principles.

N;B Remember to take lots of water, its great for your healthwater-03

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