At 50 Followers…

joshua-at-50I was sipping coffee at my reading table when the thought of appreciating my followers came to my mind. I felt like typing this while standing,”standing ovation”, but that’d be crazy. “Created for an Ideal Purpose” is now turning 3 months old, with as at now, 58 Followers and over 1100 Page visits. I couldn’t help the smile, I must say, I’ve never felt this way.50-followers-1

Let me take this special chance to thank all my followers for the great support. Wish I could have your  addresses, i’d order free pizza deliveries for each of you.

Let me mention some of the great bloggers that have taken their time to follow my blog.

Help Achieve Dreams Kenya


Daniel Mbevo

Dustin Meyer

Elijah Kinyua

Blessed to achieve-Samuel Ndisya

Re-branded Kenya

Chumba Solutions

Cristian Mihai

Aneesha Monae

The Universe Un-explored

Dear Kitty

Mirage of a Girl

Godsann Blog Poems

Nancy Oyula-Lighten Up

A haven for book lovers-Diana

Dairy of a Black Woman

Filling the Gaps

Laban Wafula

With the lots of email followers as well,thank you everyone. Feel appreciated.I’m yearning for more and more such followers,kindly follow my blog to receive instant email notifications of my posts.50-followere

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