It’s My Birthday!

This comes in as a surprise, I have ever composed a poem before. Well, it,s my Birthday, why not give it a try. Don,t check on the rhyme scheme…its quite tough.

15194504_643840135784430_5153543437303873147_oIt’s my born day, I see,

Two decades have gone by,

Am older than I used to be

This thought is making me cry.


Being born was great for me,

Though I can’t remember all,

But every year am pleased to see,

Seeing God’s blessings after all.


img_20161028_2358092My mum and dad have stayed close,

They have raised me so well,

Caring for me like a celebrity,

Am glad for such an opportunity.


Everyone is celebrating,

They laugh and sing,

It’s like have done a great thing,

This is all surprising.




Thanks, dear God,

For being with me as I get old,

As I continue being bold,

You are truly great, Lord.


Thank you, dear friends,

You may not comprehend,

But you’ve been great,

You really make me complete.


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