Simple; Thank you

Tim wakes up in the morning eager to achieve much. He is however disappointed by all the “bad luck” that happens once he sets his foot outside the comfort of his bed. I love his’s faith, he surely takes time to honor God and command the day asking for God’s guidance and protection.

Things tend to start badly though, power runs out and damn it, he has to take a cold shower(Heating system won’t work). Just remembered, I didn’t tell you today must be a D-Day for him. The current boss at his workplace is relocating and all eyes are on him as he might becoming the new boss. Back to Tim’s morning, not all of us are in good terms with cold showers in the morning. Are you? He ends up taking too much preparing but luckily, all is done.

His’s wife Mitchell didn’t have time to prepare breakfast. Sadly, he’ll have to miss breakfast. Trouble seems to follow him as the car takes minutes to start. Flash forward, Tim comes back later in the evening but still, he didn’t manage to get promoted at his workplace.

Well, I must say our lives are surrounded by such situations. Many are the times we end up banging our prayer walls asking or even shouting to God as to why He’d let us pass through such tough situations. In Tim’s case, electricity failure happens as God protects him from electric shock because the bathroom has a fault in the water heating system. He didn’t take breakfast as the milk in the fridge is expired and God doesn’t want him to have stomach problems during the day. God knows there is a problem in the traffic lights and lets Tim’s car not to start until the lights are made. If not, he would end up causing an accident.

We miss recognizing a lot that God does to us. Many are the times, though we do not notice it, God lets us experience situations for the greater good. Though we might miss our main request’s, God always has a plan for us. Tim didn’t get promoted at his workplace but at the end, he is alive.

This might be the situation with our friends as well. We might be very quick noticing some few misdeeds and  turned down favors that we forget to notice all the small sacrifices and favors they have made to us. We may be too quick to scold but very slow to utter the two most important words…’thank you’.

Few lessons to learn from this;

  • Learn to commit your day to God. Bible says, not unless he guards the city, those who guard it would be in vain.
  • Learn to thank God in all circumstances, all things happen to His greater good.

Always appreciate not only to those ‘big’ favors that people may do to us but also the small things that mostly go unnoticed.

thank-you-1400x800-c-defaultAm glad to God, I got to write this. Its exam time and am sure you understand my plight. It’s simple, learn to give thanks to whoever its due.

Be free to give your comments as well. You can share experiences concerning being thankful or even situation you’ve gone through.

Watch out for my next post.


One thought on “Simple; Thank you

  1. I really needed this. Just in time. I would like still to urge friends to thank God after a day of travelling. Thank the driver also,for many are causing accidents due to carelessness. Thank God for the person seated next to you, maybe for not stealing from you.

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