Your ‘Must Do’s’ for 31st December

Time waits for no man. I must point out, time really moves fast. Soon before you know it, a year starts, a year ends. Today being 31ST I look back and reflect  on what I’ve achieved so far and God is truly gracious. We still have the holiday mood inside us and here are your “Must do’s for today” before the year comes to an end.

Thank God

Many celebrate the end of the year in churches or with family and friends. Be sure to take time and reflect on what God has really done for you. Many are the times we fail to recognize the grace and favor that God has bestowed upon us. It’s human behavior to be reluctant when all seems right and in good condition. Well, before the year ends, take time, praise and thank God for His greatness, for the seen and unseen favors, and most importantly, the gift of life, being there to witness yet another beginning of a new year.

Appreciate your family635f58cdb799c484b163b11493bdacff

“Blood is thicker than water”, you’ll conquer with me. The most beautiful feeling in the world is seeing your parents smiling and knowing that you are the ideal reason behind that smile. If you can make, spent the day near them, remember the moments you’ve all been through. Don’t forget your siblings, there may be no relationship that is closer, finer and filled with joy than the relationship we have with our brothers and sisters.

Give yourself “A pat at the back” for your achievements

For once forget the disappointments, bad lucks, misfortunes and failures that you may have been through during this year. Focus on the inner light, the achievements, the great records you’ve made. If you’ve watched ‘Arrow’ the movie series, there is a point Oliver has to let the light inside conquer the darkness for him to defeat the Ras al Ghul. Smile, enjoy and celebrate your good deeds.

What happens in 2016 remains in 2016

I shared a post  advising on letting the past behind us. If you have ‘beefs’ and ‘grudges’ with anyone, it’s time to let go. It takes a short choice of few words “Sorry-Let’s call it a by gone” to save much. Yearn to start a fresh year, it would be of no benefit beginning the year with already pre-written grudges with friends. You have a whole day today, surprise them during coffee breaks and let them know how much you value them.

Touch someone’s heart

People might forget what we did to them but may not forget how we made them feel. Don’t celebrate and let it all to yourself when right beside you, someone is missing a source of joy. Take it upon yourself and be the reason someone is happy today. Share and spread the joy. Disclaimer though, no one needs to know whether you shared or not. Don’t post on social media sites of how great you’ve done. Let the Lord who sees in secret know and will surely bless you.

Let me take this great moment to pass my sincere happy new year wishes and a prosperous new year 2017. May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you, now and forever more. Amen.


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