I don’t care

I recently found some examples of how a small grammatical mistake could ultimately destroy a nice, well figured statement.

54f4082d68fc45485227837cc173e937Consider the following “I love her period”. This can be disgusting and annoying. However, the same statement can be corrected to “I love her, period.”  Imagine of a list of symptoms of a certain disease and one of them says” Unable to eat diarrhea”. This is far way confusing and misleading. The statement should have been, “Unable to eat, diarrhea”.

The same illustration from the above examples can describe our lives today. Failure to correct a simple mistake can end up spoiling our good intentions and losing our dignity as well. Many are the times we are corrected by friends and colleagues about different situations. We however fail to acknowledge their corrections.

I remember all  the inspirational gatherings I’ve ever attended and the speaker says “You must have the don’t care attitude”. I’m one person who really loves checking out and learning from people’s profile and status on social media, well, who doesn’t! One of the most repetitively used status on social media is “I don’t care”.

I’ve come to the realization that many a times we tend to forget the ultimate meaning of this statement. Well, truth hurts, most of us hate being disapproved. However, “I don’t care” should not be the tool to escape such situations.

Proverbs 15;32 says “Whoever ignores instruction despises himself, but he who listens to reproof gains intelligence.”

I ultimately agree that we are human, moreover, not all advice is of importance as some people are misleading. Other times people will discourage you.They will make it seem so impossible to achieve something.However, we should have the spirit of discernment, hearing all advice, but listening to those that are of importance to us.

listening_tnsWe should talk less and listen more. Let people correct you, let them disapprove you, but at the end, choose which way to follow. All in all, being slow to saying ‘No” to correction. “Don’t care” to what doesn’t help you, but watch out lest you neglect very helpful advice on the same notion.

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