‘If only I’d wake up a Millionaire’

Humans are hardwired to want things – – now. Instant success, a powerful force.

Ever wondered why high school loans end up so fast without your knowledge. You only come to notice you had cash when it is already a few coins remaining in your bank account. Your thinking changes immediately you get the notification that your HELB (Higher Education Loans Board) loan is out.

I’ve come to find out that most “Jackpot” winners finally end up languishing in poverty. Instant success, instant development, instant results.

Have you ever had the dream of waking up a millionaire? What everyone wants is for their company to grow and make millions overnight. They want to be listed among the top 40 under 40 most richest. You want to grow into a celebrity overnight. Talk of exams, you want to pass with a distinction or even a first class without much sacrifice.

Here are few rules you must acknowledge.

background_texture_wallpaper_wall_36211_1920x1080Success is not an instant event but rather a process. It takes time, hours of sacrifice and effort to reach your desired goals.

What happens when we experience instant success? One of the immediate effects are that you fail to handle the outcome. As in the instant millionaire situation, you will most probably spend the money in a profligate manner.

Life is more of a give take situation. You have to sacrifice and invest in something for you to receive the benefits. First class comes with effort and days of smart work, research and preparation. Your company has to endure the journey, make losses, make little profits and soon thrive among the top.

Learn the spirit of long term motivation. Focus on the bigger picture. This comes in with a number of temptations though. There shall be instant-short term pleasures that may hinder and sway your efforts out of the main goal. Self-control comes in handy, stick to your main goal.

Self-contentment is yet another key issue to handle. Most of us are not satisfied with what we have. We are in a situation where we can do everything that would land us in our desired states. Well, acknowledge what you have and be proud of it. It is from this state that we get to grow and mature into the best we can possibly be.


4 thoughts on “‘If only I’d wake up a Millionaire’

  1. A good one brother…keep it burning..though it is still aparth, never mind, a magnificient road is soon forming before you…


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