5 Reasons why you should trust in God

 A car can be useless without the tires. If car selling companies would launch different super quality cars but fail to have their wheels fitted, the whole process would then  become useless. No sells would have been made, I doubt whether the world would live to enjoy their invention.

In a similar way, we all have great dreams, prototypes, I may refer them. However, if we fail to have ‘wheels’ fitted onto our dreams, we may never make any progress. Echoing the words of my blog theme, we are created for an ideal purpose for which  we should achieve. It would be unfortunate leaving the face of earth when we truly have not achieved our purpose.

There is the category of those who really are aware of their purpose but never actualize it. They keep dreaming, they have great visions for the future though this never comes to pass. It is like the situation of having great car inventions but fail to have wheels on it.

‘Wheels’ in the above cases are the things that motivate and propel us on our way to achieving our goals.

I will handle the most important ‘wheel’ that we should all embrace, God. He actually has designed us for the uttermost best. We therefore need to be fully connected to Him for us to produce the best out of ourselves.

Below are 5 few reasons why you should trust in God.

  • He has great plans for us.

In the book of Jeremiah, the Lord promises to have known us even before we were born. He has great plans for us. Plans of an amazing future surrounded by His protection.

  • He fights for us.

Well, those times when we face challenges, He is always there to fight for us. Those times when you are weak, he lifts you up. It’s just like the situation of a father holding his son’s hand. Every time the child is about to fall, he immediately lifts him up.

  • He knows about us.

One character of God is all-knowing. He is aware of what we are going through. He knows your needs, strengths and your weaknesses. Even our greatest secrets of all the time, He knows them.

  • He knows us by name.

In the book of Isaiah chapter 43 Verse 1, the Lord says that he has summoned us, by name and we are His.

  • He is always with us.

Friends might fail us, parents might abandon us, but God will always be there for you. Those times when you are lonely, He is right beside you. You only need to talk to Him and He will truly answer you.

Much can be said, the many reasons why you should trust in Him. My hope is that we all make the right choices today. We welcome Christ to dwell in our hearts, establishing an awesome connection with God. I believe He will be there for you, to help you in your undertakings and guide you through to achieving your ideal purpose.

I’m glad that I also shared some of my last Sunday Fellowship lessons with you. Until the next time, have a blessed time.

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