When I grow up, I want to be a President

That was me, a couple of years ago. I couldn’t think of a better self than a president. Of course, everyone laughed it off…like seriously? A president? You must be joking.

My dream is still valid though. You too had had a dream when you are young. They might not be as fascinating as mine. If currently, you have actualized your dream, well done. You deserve a standing ovation. You surely do, only few are like you.

There are those who most probably lost the dream somewhere on the way. It is either you are in a lesser situation as compared to what your dream would have made you become or are busy chasing another lesser ‘easier’ goal.

The most apparent place to lose track was high school. In the first year, you dream of becoming a medical doctor. All dreams are valid, trust me. The second year comes, gauging by the situation, a junior doctor would do for now. Third year comes in and only one question is in your mind. “What did you say is the role of nurses in a hospital?”. You slowly drift away from your main course. By the time the fourth year is done, the only time you want to see a hospital is only when you are a patient.

Below are some tips on how to remain focused on your ideal goal.

  • Know your ideal goal

Someone said that you cannot achieve your goal by scattering your ways into a thousand directions. Narrow down to what you really want to achieve in life. Its great thinking of many ideas at once, but be real and have realistic goals. You cannot be escorted if you are going nowhere, have a place to go ‘goals’ first.

  • Have a plan

They say, failing to plan is planning to fail. Develop a plan on how to pursue your goals. You want to be a doctor, joining a medical school would most probably be the best plan. You may use the divide and conquer method. Divide your goal into smaller portions then plan on how to handle each portion.

  • Be time conscious

Learning two foreign languages can be a goal. The ultimate goal, however, should be ‘learning two new foreign languages by the end of the year’. Mostly, failing to make ultimatums for our plans usually makes us lazy. You always feel you have more time and by the time you realize it, you missed your goal.

  • You may consider finding accountability partners

Just like an alarm wakes us up in the morning, you need someone to be accountable to. Share your goals to them and let them be a constant reminder of what you want to achieve. They’ll be right beside you when you face challenges, when you are stranded and cannot move forward anymore. I rarely talk about relationships but if you want to remain pure and follow the right track, then you need someone to be accountable to. Otherwise you’ll have no one to unwrap you when the trap catches you.

  • Avoid possible distractions

The grass seems greener on the other side. It is like in a race, the lane beside you always seems the right one for you. Avoid distraction that may compromise your ultimate goal. Remain on your track and focus on the ideal goal.

Well, I hope we’ll live to actualize our childhood dreams. If not, we’ll live to achieve passion in life. Hold on to your dream, work towards it and you’ll surely manage.

Until the next article…have a great time.



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