The Success Code

Success is more of a program. It has uniquely set out coded-algorithm. Forget the autonomous systems where everything is already set and runs by itself. The road to success is a manual controlled system or rather a human machine system, you have to full authority over what you do. The cursor is well positioned on your monitor-life, simply execute the right commands.

Everything may not always flow well. The system might crash or hang, that doesn’t end the whole process. You don’t give up but rather, cancel any ongoing processes and order for a system re-boot. Begin afresh and focus on rewriting your former mistakes. Someone said, ‘if you keep do ordinary things, you’ll definitely end up with ordinary results. Focus and doing the extra-ordinary’.

There are times when power goes off. It appears all your efforts are futile. You find no reason to move on anymore. Remember your Uninterruptible Power Supply, your end goal. Focus on the end result and let it rejuvenate your energy to even push harder.

Just like a computer, your success story has a window too, your personal outlook and dignity. There are icons, your values and principles. Some values are worth deleting and moving them to the trash bin. You may learn other worthwhile values in the internet of life, cut or copy and paste them on your window. Your values help you out at different circumstances. I bet you save them on the desktop window. They come in handy and quickly when you need them.

You can run different windows at the same time. You even can have a background music on YouTube as you code. That new song by Kelele Takatifu, “Aina Noma”. You can chat with a friend on Facebook too on the other window. Life is multidimensional. There is a lot you can do. Don’t just sit and focus on a single thought. Be open minded and think outside the box.

Remember the ‘enter key’, you must press it for you to access the next line. For you to walk, take steps. Don’t always keep typing and deleting yet you never make any progress. The memory to what you can do never gets filled up. There is always plenty much you can discover each day. No one has ever drowned on their own sweat…invent, discover and achieve more.

Sometimes you have to run processes in the background, try being offline for a while. No everything should be known to the public. Try password protecting your files. I mean, only few people should have access to your private life. Ask for authentication before you allow someone into your inner circle.

Lastly, at all times, give reference to your default settings. You are wired for success. Go for it.

There you have it. Keep dreaming. I recently opened a segment called “One on One with Joshua”. It’s a platform where you can share your story or consult on any issue regarding general life and inspiration.

So far, the turnout has been overwhelming. Don’t benefit alone, share across.

Until next time, have a nice time. Keep coding success.


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