Stick to your path-don’t follow anyone’

I’m just in time to catch up with the weekly ‘Be your own boss show’ which airs each Monday on KTN. The episodes have brought a whole new picture of the great potential the youth have especially when given the chance to utilize and showcase it.

On this episode, sentiments from Waceke Nduati, Founder at Centonomy catch my attention, ‘the reason why we may never succeed is because we always try copying others instead of developing something new, or even discovering a new way to solve a problem’. This got me thinking;

As I’ve continuously put it ‘humans are hardwired to want things’. Mostly, the motives behind our ventures might be the main reason for our failure.


Many a times we only want to copy someone’s work basically because we saw it work and fail to make the essential provisions for our new venture. Ever gone shopping with someone and end up buying the same items they bought? Exactly, we sometimes do things, not because we desired them but merely because we just saw someone else do it.

Is it because we don’t trust ourselves enough to follow our instincts. Is it that we no longer trust our capabilities and efforts? Do we consider only other people more capable than ourselves? Is that their ideas are always the best? Is it that we sometimes cannot figure out ourselves taking the lead and succeeding on our own plans? Are we afraid of failure?

My whole point is, don’t just go after anything blindly, have reasons why you want to pursue it and have a well detailed list of objectives and an end goals for your plan. Don’t copy anyone, follow your own success track. Someone easily succeeding on an idea doesn’t essentially mean you too will flourish on the same pathway.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to you. The moment you begin to realize the potential in you, the better. God created us packaged, fully set for our goals. Each one of us has a track already set out for them. Things may not work for us if all what we do is copy others. If it were in writing, we can call it plagiarism-copying someone else work. It may work today, tomorrow, but soon, all may not be well if you don’t manage to tune yourself into the right motives.

Failing to have the right ‘why’  in mind is like praying God for a cool car. Not because you really want it, but because you’d like to show it off to peers and capture everyone’s attention. God’s plans are the best, but if your desires are already corrupted, chances of you actualizing your desires may not really be achievable.

Think widely, think of solving a certain problem. Reflect on a new way to do something, go on…follow your path, don’t follow someone else’s trail. You never know what the future holds, otherwise, that might be the key reason you really have not actualized most of your goals.

All the best as you go for it. Watch BYOB TV SHOW HERE..


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