10 Lessons from the BYOB TV Show

‘When people tell me they’ve learned from their experience, I tell them the trick is to learn from other peoples’ experiences.’

Warren Buffet-Second wealthiest person in the United States(Wikipedia).

I remember sharing my thoughts on one of the recently concluded BYOB TV Show episodes. With the grand finale happening only a few days ago, I couldn’t help but find 10 pieces of wisdom and wit majorly spoken by the contestants.

  • Valentine Nekesa- Grand Prize Winner

‘Being persistent and believing that I can do it and heading to that one thing and feeling I can go for it’ she said this made her win.

  • Joseph Mugweru- Safe Joe

‘Understand where you are from, where you want to be and realize that your dreams are not only for you but also for many other people out there.’

  • David Kimani

‘It does not matter where you come from, what you have or how you are, its only your determination to get things that matters.’

(Watch the Season Finale Below-Source-YouTube)

  • Susan Maina

‘Your network is your net worth. Be clear, you really need to know what you want to do’.

  • Vinney Gisore

‘Be persistent, have a focus and know exactly what you want. There are many things I can do, maybe I’ve been limiting myself but I know they can be done.’ She said. Don’t limit yourself to what you can do, you are capable beyond your imagination.

  • Muraguri Ngure Sam

‘You need to know where you are going, then paint a clear picture that is vivid enough to cure blindness.’

  • Catherine Akoth

‘Nothing is impossible. If you can dream it, you can do it. You need to be aggressive in whatever you are doing, especially for your business to prosper; you need to have a vision’

  • Susan Mueni

‘Be a team player and a leader.Everything is possible even with the shortest time’

  • Paul Kitti Zakaria

“Kuna umuhimu wa kufanyia kitu haraka hasa kinapotokea”

-There is need to respond fast especially when something occurs.

  • Keith Asumba

‘As a leader, you are the one who takes the blame; at some point, the back starts and stops with you. Don’t ever be fooled that you can accomplish anything if you don’t have the most numbers.’

  • Lynette Achieng

‘Its just not the end, its just the beginning’. Well, most people feel always feel like they have come to an end especially after failing a certain challenge. This shouldn’t be the case though; the end of one opportunity often leads to the beginning of a new opportunity.

  • Wayne Ochieng’

‘Its the earliest bird that catches the worm’. Though it might apply to all other areas, in business, its key to maintain a nice relationship between your company and others. Maintain your lane in business.

I cant possibly end this without highlighting a few important pieces of wisdom from the judges too.

  • Caroline Mutoko

‘The stereotyping we do, for young people..that’s just some young people.

I have learnt about perseverance and what I have been waiting for…because they (contestants), jumped in every week into a space they didn’t know- they didn’t understand, had 48 hrs to get it done, and they did it.

For me..its just learning fortitude and hard work and when done working hard, work harder”

  • Trusha Khetia

“Leadership is important, you need to give respect upwards and downwards. To win, you have to surround  yourself by winners. Embrace synergy, a situation where the output of a teamwork is greater than the sum of the individual members.

The most precious commodity we have in this world, is time…not money…its time. Money can be finite, but time comes to an end”

  • King Kaka

“As much as people benefit you in teamwork, you also have to work with them, they should feel that you are part of the team. Its a two sided coin.

(In business) Customer service is number …not two not three…If you promise and don’t deliver, you lose your client. Loosing your client means no business,; its a chain.

You may have a good product, but your delivery is bad, it gives the client time to give you bad reviews. There are some shops you click once (to order) and within 30 Minutes, someone somewhere is ready to deliver- This is customer service 101”

Mostly, their lessons revolved about knowing what you want in life, and having the resilience, persistence and believing you can do it.

Time was key too, with only a few hours timeline, the contestants had to brainstorm on an idea, figure it out and actualize it. In life, one need to also set time goals for their activities. This way, one feels motivated and works even smarter and harder to complete the task before the timeline.

Lastly, I must commend blaze Kenya for the such a great opportunity not only for the contestants to take part and learn from such challenges but the rest of the Kenyans who watched the episodes. Am sure, we all have learnt a lot.

)Note; The above quotations might have been altered and may not be the original words from the contestants. The video is courtesy of YouTube.)




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