Just trust Him

Last Sunday, soon after the church service, the pastor approached us and shared some sentiments which were really encouraging.

“Way before this church came into being, I always had visions in my mind of a group of international people coming together and worshiping together”, he began. “Well, by then I used to wonder how God would make that happen. Today, as we meet and worship, it’s not in vain. God has a purpose for us. God can’t join us together only to put on shame us…” he went on.

Roman 10:11 New International Version
As Scripture says, “Anyone who believes in Him will never be put to shame.”

God is gracious and loving. As the Romans 10:11 says, He will not put those who believe and hope in Him to shame. Just like the pastor said, He doesn’t let us go through situations without having a plan for us.

One of everybody’s favorite Bible verse; Jeremiah 29:11, God knew us even before being born. He always has the best plans for us.

Sometimes we go through situations that make us feel like God has abandoned us. We begin to wonder whether his presence is still with us. All things happen to the good of those who believe in Him. We only should hold our faith a little bit longer and He’ll prove Himself to us.

A little more faith, a little more trust, a little more onto doing His will, and lastly, He’ll let us know it was the best thing we could have done.

One of my friends kept questioning me “Everybody is doing it…why should I not? Is it worth it to stick to the right way when everyone is following the wrong track?”

This is one major mistake that we often make-comparing ourselves with the ‘other’ people, or rather ‘everyone else’. We shouldn’t compromise our own faith on the claim of following other people. It’s a personal decision, follow your own way. Let the Holy Spirit guide you into the right and holy ways.

My prayer today is for you to hold on to your faith, hold to your hope and trust in God, knowing that in the end, it shall be well.

Until the next article…’stay blessed‘.

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