Love doesn’t hurt; It brings out the best in you

I’m a keen follower of Caroline Mutoko’s Episodes on You Tube. She gets to share her view on various current affairs, talk politics, relationships’s, business and all have you.

I came upon this episode labeled-Love isn’t complicated where Caroline shared her thoughts and lessons from her 20’s and I couldn’t help but share some of the lessons here.

  • Love doesn’t hurt. It make you wonderful; it brings the best in you. Caroline focus majorly aimed at youths between 20-25 years, her take is that relationships under such age bracket shouldn’t be so strong. She jokingly expresses how she meets 20 year old’s in relationships and its like they have been married 30 Years and have investments together, 10 Children and 32 grandchildren!
  • Love should be edifying. To edify simply means to improve morally or intellectually. She says that love should be like salt, you add it to something, it becomes good.
  • Relationships in 20’s dont have to be hard– This is more of self explanatory…right?
  • Your relationship’s in your 20’s should be a great place to grow– Making often analysis can help you figure out whether or not you are growing from a certain engagement or not. Well, you all know the saying, ‘show me your friends and i’ll tell you your character’.
  • Love make you feel at your best- Just like when meeting new people and we must showcase the true-best, Caroline take is that love gives you a chance to be at your best.
  • Stop listening to the wrong advice- She disapproves listening to the wrong advice especially to people outside your age bracket and have totally different experiences from you.
  • Relationships in 20′ should be fun- She adds that not only the romantic relationships that should be fun but also the ones with male-male; female-female. ‘If they are too heavy, get out!’ she puts it.

Warren Buffet, one of the richest people in the US says, ‘The secret is learning from other people’s experiences’. Kindly remember to subscribe to  her channel as well and follow up on more great episodes.

Till the next article, have an awesome time.

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