The Kenya I’d love to see

To set the perfect setting for this article, I have Rufftone and The Kenya General Service song ‘Mungu Baba’ on repeat on my playlist.

The Kenya I’d want to see is a Godly nation. A nation that not only sings ‘Ee Mungu Nguvu yetu, ilete baraka kwetu, haki iwe ngao…” in her national anthem but also trusts in God’s power and guidance among her people. A country that holds National Prayer Breakfast Meetings more often to come together, meditate and thank the Almighty for his ultimate guidance, protection and providence. Though most people believe ‘Kenya’ is named after Mount Kenya, some sources have it that the name originates from various vernacular word, meaning ‘God’s resting place’.

The Kenya I’d love to see is a nation full of love, respect and unity among its citizens. 42 Tribes is just but a number, we are one family, one tribe and one nation-our motherland, Kenya. Ronald Reagan said, ‘A mind free to choose will always choose peace’. The Kenya I’d love to see is a state that concedes, compliments and honors her peoples’ differences but unites them under one common agenda- building our nation.

The Kenya I’d love to see has citizens who own their country. Owning the country is truly the number one step in building it. It commences with letting love, joy and pride be focused sturdily to the country.

The Kenya I’d love to see is a nation whose citizens are cohesive to develop and protect it sovereignty. Kenyans’ united to developing the economy, helping raise the living standards of the common Mwananchi.

The Kenya I’d love to see identifies her goals and visions. The leaders are devoted to walking the country into the next level in terms of infrastructural and general development. Having leaders who are altruistic, alluring and enthusiastic to put the matters pertaining the country on their must-do lists.

The Kenya I’d love to see is not build on blame game, but rather trust and complete integrity. Corruption doesn’t exist at all. A true image of a new reformed and rebuilt country. A country where everyone plays their roles right. If everybody would sweep their compounds the whole country would be clean.

But wait, we’ve done it so far,

Though not to the ultimate state, we’ve taken some steps,

Have you not watched the world marathon competitions and seen the true Kenyan spirit? Made of winners, right? David Rudisha is a Kenyan.

Have you not noticed the extensive progress we’ve made in the film industry so far? Home of talent, right? Oscar Winner Lipita Nyongo is a Kenyan.

Have you not visited our game reserves and noticed the wide variety of wild animals? A country blessed with a wide range of wildlife, right? Lions, Gazelles…all Kenyan, aren’t they part of us?

The list is long, Former US President Obama is ‘Kenyan too’.

The president may not read this, wait…not even any Member of Parliament, maybe one MCA, Mr. Tricky. In case they do, work on handling the following;

  • The gap between the poor and the rich is far way too large. Its substantially growing larger and larger each day, something to be afraid of.
  • Let’s work on producing our own resources, we are probably importing almost everything. Maize from Mexico, soon it will be sugar and other local commodities.
  • 38% of Kenyans are jobless. The numbers rise day in day out. Appallingly, most political party manifestos always seek to produce more employment opportunities; something that never comes into reality.
  • Let’s invest in the technological industry. It will simply start by educating the citizens. We have the laptop project already, a reason to smile to; only if its fully enacted.

That’s enough for now…lets hold hands and work on making Kenya a better place to live in. I love Kenya.

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