Life is Unfair

I met a homeless guy recently while going to church. This one occasion got me thinking; Why must life be so unfair?

Science tells me it’s the ecosystem. The philosophy that among the strong, there still must exist that one weak species. Every town has a mad man, right?

Isn’t life not fair to that one mad person? Isn’t life not fair on all the unfortunate adversities? The pain of losing precious ones; isn’t life not fair to those little toddlers who’ve lost both their parents? Tell me, isn’t life not fair to those flagging in ultimate poverty? Those whose tomorrow is not something to be scared of – they are ready for anything. It’s not like they have a choice either.

What happens to the street families on the fringes of the town, where coldness rules and no one seems to care? What happens to the young people who are unemployed and have nowhere to make a living? Those whose resumes no one seems to even consider. They have the qualifications already, but the system can only admit the few crèmes de la crème.

(Moment of thought)

Little conviction  and hope still goes through my mind. Prophet Elijah is a picture-perfect case illustration.

He had killed all the 450 prophets of Baal and had even forecasted of a tough famine. Jezebel couldn’t wish for more but to have Elijah killed just like he’d done with the prophets of Baal.

At this point, Elijah’s wish to God was rather simple- to take his life.

(More thoughts)

So, it’s true that life may push you until death is the only best option? Those moments when we are undergoing the worst.

(Fast forward)

Elijah never died at that moment, moreover, he actually rose to heaven when the perfect time came. At his worst, God took time to remind him of His perfect plan.


Let’s not get weary to the points of losing hope. Let’s not be vulnerable to the points of giving up. Let us not be paralyzed by the worlds daily scuffles. Let us renew our hope in God, for we are more than conquerors through Him that died for us.

All things work for his good. At that moment when you feel low, look up to him. That moment when you have no more hope for tomorrow; look up to him. When you truly have nothing to eat and somewhere to place your head for shelter, look up to him. That moment when it has taken years to find your perfect job, look up to him.

He listens, He cares, He provides, He comforts, He is there for us.

May God Bless us even when life appears to focus all its unfairness to us.





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