For Men

It’s been a while since I last wrote, however, much progress has been made. For instance, you can follow this link to order a copy of my book, Life’s Life Hacks on

Someone wrote me a message on some key points they should talk about if given a chance to speak on a men’s conference. I did suggest some vital facets which I thought would be good sharing to my readers too.

There are five attributes that may define a man.


There is need for men to be prolific and able to bring food to the table. I’m truly aware that unemployment is a key hindrance in most parts of the world. Well, there is need for men to be inventive enough to come up with ways of not only providing for themselves but also provide for their families too.

God provides for the birds with food each day, but He truly does not put it at the nest. There is need for men to come out of their comfort zones and work smart in bid to meet their needs.

Goals and Dreams

You cannot be escorted if you are going nowhere. You don’t need a bridge if you are not crossing a river. For men, there is need for us to have visions and dreams. A faint picture of what we need to achieve in the future.

God is glorious enough to granting our hearts desires, as it is a common prayer to everyone. The point is, you’d make it easier for God to grant your heart desires, if you have your goals set already. If you have none, then it would be tricky.

Goals and dreams motivate us into working hard each day, for we have a target to achieve.

Social Aspect

There is need for us to raise a socially compatible generation. As for men, there is need to raise men who can comfortable and freely interact with not only fellow men but also the opposite gender.

In places of work, school and in public settings, men should yearn to establish a friendly surrounding wherever they set foot.

It’s even easier for people to trust you with leadership positions if they enjoy the company they have around you.

Personal Outlook

There are two ways in presenting oneself; your dress code and what to you talk about. People often judge others basing on these two aspects. Men need to treasure their dress code. They say, we often have a single chance to make a first impression. I couldn’t agree more, striving to make the first impression the best and memorable should be on everyone’s agenda.

Spoken word has a part to play too, in describing the character of a person. There is need for men to not only speak but also mean whatever they say. Be principled, keep your words and people shall respect your dignity.


A man could be strong, but a godly man is stronger. Men should strive to be spiritually led and not rely on their own understanding. The Bible states that if God if for us, who can be against us. Truly, it’s safer on the stronger, comfortable and winning side.

Let men take up the challenge and strive to reach their required expectations. Perfect is hard to find. But with sacrifice and commitment, we can all give it a try.

For the ladies who read this, it very okay, the same still applies to you. The next post is for the ladies…can’t wait😊


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