Don’t rush, Listen First

My case story today is an experience we might or might not have gone through while growing up. It used to happen during the eve of the examination period in lower primary school. Teachers would first share across the examination papers. Secondly, they’d request everyone to write their names on each of their exam paper.The teachers would then slowly explain the exam instructions and what is required of every student.

Often, they’d even go to an extend of reading each set of questions and stating each of their requirements. This would take a few minutes at the beginning of each exam.

Most students often considered themselves smart enough and would immediately rush into  tackling the questions fully abandoning the teacher’s ongoing instructions. There are those that took time to listen and later tackle their exam questions. The last bit are the students who would give up immediate and would neither tackle the questions nor listen to the teacher’s instructions.


The above case story struck my mind on the various ways in which we handle challenging situations and tragedies that strike our lives. There are those who go on head to head tackle with such situations. There are those that give up totally on first try. The third case is those who are not fast to decisions, they listen to instructions, in this case, they seek God’s take before they make any step.

In one way or another, there comes a time when you face situations that are heartbreaking, challenging situations that’d even make the strongest stumble. Situations that leave us wondering and daring any move. Scared to the roots of our existence.

Think of total lack of money, you have nothing to and nowhere to find support. Picture rejected job applications, not once, not twice. Think of loss of loved ones, parents, siblings and relatives. Think of fire tragedies, when everything is burnt to ashes. Think of sicknesses and body health problems, the large hospital bills left behind. Think of…(name them)

There are the circumstances that need you to stop and listen. God has an interesting way of letting situations out of your way. An interesting way of strengthening you and giving you wisdom and power to overcome each situation. He has a way of giving you hope than ever before, leveling all mountains in your way and giving you a smooth path to cross to the other side. An interesting way of turning all the negatives into positives, and the tears of sadness immediately turn to tears of joy.

Next time you face such situations, simply, don’t be fast to action, don’t give up too soon, just hold on and listen to God’s voice inside you. If however, you don’t find the voice, call unto Him, pray. He is merciful and gracious enough and nearest at the times we need Him most. 

I found this song encouraging too 😊

Don’t Rush, Listen.


6 thoughts on “Don’t rush, Listen First

  1. How funny at times we rush to take whisky in the name of coping with such situations, how many people tend to consult devil and associated cults?

    It a piece full of knowledge and encouragement.

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