You are way stronger than you can ever imagine, dare to dream!

It’s been a while, let’s do this though, shall we?

It’s common knowledge that if you expose light into darkness, the light dominates and brightens up the dark place. If you have any doubts whatsoever, wake up early in the morning and watch the sun rise in the morning, darkness, slowly dwindles away.

You’ll agree with me, life is twofold, there are the good times and so are the bad, worst, shady times. There are those moments when we have our greatest times, those times that we keep wishing they’d last endlessly. But soon, days come when the experience the reverse, the times when we unfortunately bear trying moments, we go through our worst nightmares and worries.

The subtlest task is how to sustain ourselves as we keep steering through such erratic times.

One thing I know, for sure, if we don’t rise once we fall, then it’d be worthless trying. How then do we overcome such situations?

Take time and reflect on the far you’ve come. Let your focus be on the best good moments and the achievements you have accomplished so far. Let the light in you outshine the darkness. Simply, don’t let the worst moments outdo the good times you’ve had, instead, major your focus on your métiers and that will steer you back.

We all have our weaknesses, our attention should never be on them but rather, use our strengths to make us stronger and face the challenges without fear. Don’t let a single instance of failure bring you down, instead, be stronger, you’ve made it before, you can do it one more time. You’ve never made it before…huh! That should never hinder you from trying once again.

You are way stronger than you can ever imagine, dare to dream. Most people underestimate their strength. As you go through your day, challenge your capacity.  Test your limits.

Push yourself, to find your true boundaries and redefine your strength.

When you discover how much you’ve really got, you may surprise even yourself.



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