We are human, the rest come later



Isn’t is wise learning from our experiences?

Let me set the record straight. ‘Csak egy kicsit beszélek magyarul ‘– I only speak a little Hungarian

I was working on a certain project recently at a nearby company. On one of the days, I was assigned same machine with an Hungarian national. As stated earlier, I’ve a little knowledge of Hungarian so, I can only say a few essential words.

My Hungarian friend apparently knew countable words in English. By countable, I mean, ‘hello’, ‘hi’, and ‘sorry’.

If you work out the math, since we were in for a night shift, that would mean more than 7 hours working next to someone whom you don’t share a common language.

The funny part comes in now, the first two hours or so, were silent, no talking, we just said hello and began our tasks. We could only stare glances at one another to make sure each other was okay.

At around midnight, he looked at me and said his name, followed by some few Hungarian words. I didn’t understand what it meant, but from logic, I knew it was all about names.

‘Joshua Wambua…vargok…Kenya’

That was the best I could think of by then. This opened our minds and miraculously, a funny, interesting and lovely conversation began.

We picked pieces of paper, and each time, we couldn’t understand one another, we drew something similar and related to the topic in discussion to help each other understand.

For sure, by the time morning struck, we had lots of crazy diagrams with us. There is a time, he drew cows, dogs and chicken when he wanted to ask whether we have such animals in Kenya. As I can remember, I drew a love sign, and a head of a lady to ask him whether he was married or not. A lady head is simple, just put long hair, logic has it that it’s a lady. I had learnt some songs from the church I normally attend, so, at some point, I sang them to like, ask him whether he was Christian or not.

Well, point is, take away the differences in us, tribal, religious, or even racial; and we have one common thing between us, we all are human.

Our thinking should be human first, before the other differences come along. We should embrace the differences between us. For instance, from my crazy night, we belonged to two different backgrounds, different continents, and more…but one thing remained remains for sure, we are human, and we ought to embrace and treasure that.

Take note though, we can never get rid of our differences, we however have a chance to tolerate each others differences.

“We live with billions of other people in this earth. We have so much to learn and so much love and understanding to share with one another. This is what our world needs. We don’t need everyone to be the exact same carbon copy of one another. We should instead embrace and celebrate how special and different we already are. Being judgmental and not appreciating just how vital diversity is in your life should be a thing of the past. Do not overgeneralize people because everyone is a unique individual take time to see the diversity of people in your own life.” -Adapted From The Huffingtonpost.com

Lets spread the love 🙂

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