When the road gets rough

Over the past few months or so, our church has been studying the book of Romans. One key nugget I have learnt is how God is such an awesome story writer.

Well, you’re wondering right? God writes our life’s story each moment. Each experience we go through is always part and parcel of the general story writing. Symbolically, the good moments, the sad ones, the joyful ones, the triumphs …name them, those are the stylistic tools in the life story writing.

What happens then when things get so hard; the road gets rough? When life stops, and things don’t work out our way? Those times when the results we expected never come to place. You can’t spot anyone you’d thought they might help you, anywhere near you? It’s like fighting a war with you on one side and the whole world on the other side. Chances of winning from your side are under minimal probability.

From my experience for quite a while now, the following facts might be useful.

Mostly, we face our low moments especially after failure. We often get put off when we fail to achieve our set goals. When our deals don’t bear any fruit. Consequently, from previous failures, we become so pessimistic such that we are unable to rise to our feet since we can’t afford to fail again.

Its better to die trying than not trying at all. Similarly, it doesn’t matter how many times we fall but rather how many times we rise after each fall. You failed once, asked God for forgiveness, failed again, asked God for forgiveness…what happens the next time? It starts to feel like a trend..does it? Our God is so understanding that he acknowledges our struggles, pray for more effort to conquer and be stronger. Don’t be afraid of failing again, face the situation again, this time, be optimistic that at the end, you’ll emerge the winner.

Don’t give up at all. Things get tougher at the verge of a breakthrough. Things get tougher when the winning line is just few meters away. Hold on for few more minutes, don’t let go. Frankly, I won’t put it that it’s a walk through the park, no…not at all. It surely sounds easy in theory, but we are more than conquerors through Him that created us. Revisit your strategies on handling tough moments and strike out giving up, instead, use the holding on technique. It works miracles 🙂

Talk to someone, share your worries. Most psychologist use the technique of letting you speak out all what is in your mind. This often relieves your stress and reduces the pressure from a certain situation. Trust a few people, not all can be trusted. Approach someone and share out your feelings with them. Don’t hold everything to yourself, speak out. Praying to God, and talking to God about your situation is still part of opening up. Talk to Him, let Him know your worst fears and what you are going through. He won’t send an email response, text or call the next day, but miraculously, He will let you know what he has to say.

Life is like a puzzle, we might not always be on the crying sides, at times, it’s the people we care about who go through the above situations. Watching from a distance wouldn’t be the best action but rather support them with love and prayers. Give them a listening hear or a comforting shoulder. Encourage them, tell them know its going to be okay. Don’t discriminate when it comes to loving each other, love everyone, no matter which season they are in. Love them anyway.

Use the motivation that God has an awesome story in progress. Let it be a constant inspiration always. Its for the better good, and at the end of it all, he has the best plans for us.

God Bless you.


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