“Life’s Life Hacks” Ready for order

Well, finally … after years of writing, research and editing, I can comfortably present “Life’s Life Hacks”. A combination of simple yet most important inspirational knowledge you can’t afford to miss.

The whole journey started around three years ago, immediately after completing my high school. I had always dreamt of writing my own book, working on it has always been one of the best experiences so far.

You draft a copy, read it, correct it, review it, read it again, correct it…and before you notice it, a year is gone.

I find the book interesting in terms of the niche and the wide topic coverage. The book starts on a rather religious perspective, on a Godly focus. Of course, put God first, it all starts from acknowledging the main role God has on our lives. The book gives you reason to hold on to hope and trust in God even when the times are tough.

Moving on swiftly, of course ‘The Author’ dives in to the inspirational world, reasons why you should strongly believe in yourself and focus on empowering yourself. Remember, you are the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Soon, you start facing hard times, challenges and weaknesses. You begin facing your fears. The book talks on simple ways which you can handle your weaknesses and challenges. It points some of the reasons you might actually fail in your attempts.

It’s a whole package of good life hacks, the book talks about branding and marketing yourself. It’s a rather competitive world, and only the species that are adaptive to change actually will remain strong. It talks about a perfect elevator pitch and how to develop a brand, the “Me Limited Co”.

There is a lot more covered, that’s just a tip of the iceberg.

Well, the book is available for download on Kindle Store, that’s the soft copy. You can order a hard copy from Amazon to be delivered right at your door step at Amazon-Life’s Life Hacks.  Choose the paperback option for hard copies.

NB: The goal is to reach as many people as possible; Most of the profits will directly be directed to ordering more books and later handed over to anyone in need, and thirsty for such knowledge.

Any contributions in support of the same are welcome. The funds shall be handled with absolute transparency and integrity.

Be Blessed and Inspired as you order your copy today.

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