My Profile

Joshua Wambua is a Kenyan, 20 years old. He identifies himself with inspiration and change. He has been on the fore front in ensuring dream formulation, visualization and actualization through various projects especially among the youth. He has as well, delivered talks to various high schools in Kenya under the same spirit.

At 19 years old, Joshua’s first venture was The Help Achieve Dreams Kenya [Head-Kenya]. An organization whose key pillars are inspiration, motivation and information. See Projects for more details.

Besides being a student, Joshua writes not only under his blog but also under U-Report [Under the Standard Group- Kenya]. Check his articles here.

His dreams are writing for the daily nation or the standard newspaper to ensure more word is spread and a larger readership as well. Sharing tips, success stories and much more to equip the average Kenyan youth on the need for hard work.

Currently, Joshua studies at University of Pecs, Hungary.

Find my full profile at this link.