My Motivation

My Motivation

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.It should be noted that many may not even take the first step until it is too late. When I joined High School, at first I had to fight myself into the realization of what opportunities lied ahead of me. Years later, I recall the experiences that I would wish fellow leaders to emulate and fully embrace.
I am motivated to seeing the best in others. One trait of transformation leaders “they encourage others and help people to look beyond their self interest”.

The story of the Chinese bamboo motivates me each day.

The Miracle of the Chinese Bamboo
It all begins with a seed and with the vision of someone willing to wait,a Chinese farmer usually struggling to survive and provide for his family, plants the seed and sets his hope and vision on all it will provide when it towers 90 feet above his head. With a heart toward the future, he digs a hole after a hole. Plants the seeds and then begins to take care of them. Day after day, he carries water to the spots he marked.He continues to water them daily carefully and watching. A whole year goes but nothing……Two…three..four years…nothing…Some day he cries standing besides the spots..all hope gone.
Then comes the morning when the whole village is woken up by cries of joy by the farmer. They watch startled from their windows as he runs down there dusty road calling for his family to come and see. As his family races back up the road after him, the rest of the village pours from their houses to see what has made the farmer so excited.
They find the family clustered around the spots talking excitedly. From the edge, green spouts from the barren ground can clearly be seen.
The farmer is aware that the bamboo tree will replace his lost hope. He also realizes that its worth planting a dream. He also learned to ignore those who said it could not be done. He learned to push part of his own fear and doubt and keep taking cation. He learned to have faith when there was no reason to have faith.
Now he smiles ever time he walks through the village.

What about you?
What are you willing to do or keep action?
How long are you willing to push past your fear and doubt?
How much faith and belief are you willing to have?

I hope your answers are those that will help you to achieve your dream goal in life.

Life might seem challenging but a walkover to the prepared mindset. Through this articles, your mind will be triggered into realizing that you have a task ahead of you.

You truly were created for an ideal purpose; Yearn to live to achieve it. I will share with you, insights that will not only inspire you but also motivate you.
Hope you find the best and be the best.