Hurting, but It’ll heal

Greatness requires internal toughness, this is easier said than its practically applied.

Well, is the road to greatness, that easy? Tell me, how long does it take to reach greatness? How long will you hold on, hurting and waiting till it heals.

Am thinking of the multi-billion idea in your mind, but practically, you haven’t actualized any bit of it. You’ve gone pitching ideas, to all investors around town, and they say, you should think harder and harder and try next time? Like really, next time? I’ve been pitching my idea for years now!

Money isn’t greatness, wait, is it? You be the judge. You’ve worked so hard, but still, not yet there. You opened two small cyber shops, a barber shop and you’re still working in for a night shift, in a company. 1st, 2nd …15th day of the month, and you are already broke. Should you hold on longer? Will it ever be better?

You study so hard in school, but it never reflects in the final grade book. Its like you are writing a composition and the lecture still gives you grade two out of possible twenty. You are now left wondering, the lecture wasn’t literally there to confirm your experience in the story you wrote, but still, a two! You utilized all possible techniques; the formation was okay in that you sat strategically between the ‘brainiest’ in class and had a ‘mwakenya’ well set. Did I mention you always woke up to study? Would you even dare holding on to hope?

You’ve gone for as many interviews as you can remember. The one tooth you accidentally lost when you were young made you miss the police recruitment. Lack of seven years’ experience made you miss the hotel management job. You’re still looking still and open to any chances, but for how long?

Njugush, the comedian openly said YouTube is the next frontier. You immediately rushed onto vlogging only for YouTube to change its payment plan to only paying channels with over one thousand subscribers. You have six subscribers, right? More to go, but how long will it take?


Greatness requires internal toughness; patience and devotion are what matters. Being strong, no matter how tough the journey becomes. Holding on strongly, no matter how weak you might seem. Holding on to your vision even when you are blindfolded by circumstances.

Its so happens, that when you are almost there, the journey toughens, but so must you. You are almost winning; the next interview might be the luckiest one. Your next vlog might be the one to break the internet the next day. The photography brand you’ve started might be the one winning the heart of a popular brand, and voila, that’ll be your breakthrough.

The question shouldn’t be how long you are willing to hold on but rather, how strong you are willing to hold on to your dreams.

Hold on dear, buckle up, toughen up, and go get it’. It hurts but heals at last.

Be blessed 😊


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