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“Life’s Life Hacks” Ready for order

Well, finally … after years of writing, research and editing, I can comfortably present "Life's Life Hacks". A combination of simple yet most important inspirational knowledge you can't afford to miss. The whole journey started around three years ago, immediately after completing my high school. I had always dreamt of writing my own book, working on it has always been one of … Continue reading “Life’s Life Hacks” Ready for order

Hurting, but It’ll heal

Its so happens, that when you are almost there, the journey toughens, but so must you. You are almost winning; the next interview might be the luckiest one. Your next vlog might be the one to break the internet the next day. The photography brand you’ve started might be the one winning the heart of a popular brand, and voila, that’ll be your breakthrough.

When the road gets rough

What happens then when things get so hard; the road gets rough? When life stops, and things don’t work out our way? Those times when the results we expected never come to place. You can’t spot anyone you’d thought they might help you, anywhere near you? It's like fighting a war with you on one side and the whole world on the other side. Chances of winning from your side, lies under minimal probability.

For Men

It’s been a while since I last wrote, however, much progress has been made. For instance, you can follow this link to order a copy of my book, Life’s Life Hacks on Amazon.com. Someone wrote me a message on some key points they should talk about if given a chance to speak on a men’s … Continue reading For Men

Life is Unfair

Let’s not get weary to the points of losing hope. Let’s not be vulnerable to the points of giving up. Let us not be paralyzed by the worlds daily scuffles. Let us renew our hope in God, for we are more than conquerors through Him that died for us.

Love doesn’t hurt; It brings out the best in you

I'm a keen follower of Caroline Mutoko's Episodes on You Tube. She gets to share her view on various current affairs, talk politics, relationships's, business and all have you. I came upon this episode labeled-Love isn't complicated where Caroline shared her thoughts and lessons from her 20's and I couldn't help but share some of the lessons here. Love … Continue reading Love doesn’t hurt; It brings out the best in you

Looking for someone who will change your life? Look in the mirror…

I was going through my Instagram posts when someone posted this “If you are looking for that person who will change your life, look in the mirror.” That got me thinking, how many times we been seeking for someone to relight and rejuvenate the motivation and the inspiration in us. We are always looking for … Continue reading Looking for someone who will change your life? Look in the mirror…