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Joshua Wambua

You too can walk on water

“Humans are hard wired to want to things”. Looking for new friends, those super cool hilarious ones; sending applications for that new job, the highly payed one that you always dream of. Working so hard and smart for the job... Continue Reading →

Don’t worry, God knows His right timing

Sometimes you watch others fulfill their dreams when you’ve been trying but your efforts are yet to bear any fruits? You’ve lost your job and are still awestruck on what to do? You lose someone you love and the situation... Continue Reading →

Looking for someone who will change your life? Look in the mirror…

I was going through my Instagram posts when someone posted this “If you are looking for that person who will change your life, look in the mirror.” That got me thinking, how many times we been seeking for someone to... Continue Reading →

The Success Code

Success is more of a program. It has uniquely set out coded-algorithm. Forget the autonomous systems where everything is already set and runs by itself. The road to success is a manual controlled system or rather a human machine system,... Continue Reading →

When I grow up, I want to be a President

That was me, a couple of years ago. I couldn’t think of a better self than a president. Of course, everyone laughed it off…like seriously? A president? You must be joking. My dream is still valid though. You too had... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons why you should trust in God

 A car can be useless without the tires. If car selling companies would launch different super quality cars but fail to have their wheels fitted, the whole process would then  become useless. No sells would have been made, I doubt... Continue Reading →

Is technology slowly making us anti-social? [The African Perspective]

Remember the good old days when young people showcased ultimate respect to their elders. Whenever you happened to board a bus with an elderly, you had no option but an obligation to stand. Those days when if you playing with... Continue Reading →

‘If only I’d wake up a Millionaire’

Humans are hardwired to want things - - now. Instant success, a powerful force. Ever wondered why high school loans end up so fast without your knowledge. You only come to notice you had cash when it is already a... Continue Reading →

I don’t care

I recently found some examples of how a small grammatical mistake could ultimately destroy a nice, well figured statement. Consider the following “I love her period”. This can be disgusting and annoying. However, the same statement can be corrected to... Continue Reading →

Your ‘Must Do’s’ for 31st December

Time waits for no man. I must point out, time really moves fast. Soon before you know it, a year starts, a year ends. Today being 31ST I look back and reflect  on what I’ve achieved so far and God... Continue Reading →

Merry X-Mass

Memories, events and times spice up our beautiful lives. Christmas holiday is finally here. It’s been a tough journey, I must note, for all us. Remaining strong is my greatest joy. It took me time finding the best way to... Continue Reading →

Simple; Thank you

Tim wakes up in the morning eager to achieve much. He is however disappointed by all the “bad luck” that happens once he sets his foot outside the comfort of his bed. I love his’s faith, he surely takes time... Continue Reading →

Excuse Not a Reason-By Ogu Joshua

You can him call him Ogu Joshua Uche. Many call him "amjoshspecial".Meet my Nigerian friend whose passion is singing, making friends and a youth leader in the making. He is an IT student in the School of Engineering- University of... Continue Reading →

It’s My Birthday!

This comes in as a surprise, I have ever composed a poem before. Well, it,s my Birthday, why not give it a try. Don,t check on the rhyme scheme...its quite tough. It’s my born day, I see, Two decades have... Continue Reading →

At 50 Followers…

I was sipping coffee at my reading table when the thought of appreciating my followers came to my mind. I felt like typing this while standing,"standing ovation", but that'd be crazy. "Created for an Ideal Purpose" is now turning 3... Continue Reading →

5 Friendship Tablets…(follow prescription keenly)

Ever noticed that we all have different personalities from one another? Jamie loves making fun of people. George always keeps time, he might even leave you behind if you don’t manage to be punctual. Max’s room is always neat, the... Continue Reading →

‘Thought no one saw you? Well, I did…’

We all chew gum, I stopped chewing recently when I developed tooth problems. Dustbins exist for a specific and known purpose though we still find gum mostly under school hall tables and chairs. Ever wondered how they the gum found... Continue Reading →

You might need these keys…

You wanted to start a business when we met last week, right? How is it that you now want to become a member of county assembly today? Here comes Mwanszumbah, Mr. Kimani’s son, I remember, he always wanted to score... Continue Reading →

Does God know you are married?

Synchronization is simply the coordination of events to operate a system in unison. We all need to have our lives synchronized with God’s plan for us. This is the right reason why I write and express myself today. My plan is... Continue Reading →

Are you paying your rent?

They say “service is the rent we pay for being”. The key question that I must ask today is “Are you paying your rent?” Of what legacy are you leaving behind today? Can the society and the people around you... Continue Reading →

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