Don’t worry, God knows His right timing

Sometimes you watch others fulfill their dreams when you’ve been trying but your efforts are yet to bear any fruits? You’ve lost your job and are still awestruck on what to do? You lose someone you love and the situation crumbles.

You’ve been striving to have a start-up project when someone else starts the same and within weeks, they seem to be flourishing and all you’ve done is simply watch? You are left wondering whether God presence is still with you.

He was the most loved among his bothers by his father. The father even made a tunic for him. Later, his brothers became jealous of him and sold him off. Everything didn’t go well in Egypt as he became a slave though he was working in the king’s palace. Under circumstances, he is sent to jail and held a prisoner. Flash-forward to a time when he is made a ruler-second to the king and later reunites with his family. This is the story of Joseph in the Bible.

Your daily circumstances shouldn’t determine your future fate as a christian. In life, the road is not smooth all along but rather bumpy. I assure you, challenges and appalling situations will remain along the way.

However, one fact remains for sure, God, He’s got you covered. Being the master-plan of our lives, He’s surely in control of what happens to us. In Jeremiah, the Lord says that he has good plans for us, plans for excellence and not destruction. This doesn’t necessarily mean the worldly riches but rather, a secure future. Moreover, eternal life, our main goals as believers. Joseph went through lots of dreadful echelon but all along, God was with him.

I’ve gone through situations, a couple of times, when I see friends prospering and making it in life. Not being green-eyed though but rather wondering what plans God has for me only to realize later that my great plan was in progress. It was merely a matter of time that made all the difference.

There is need to hold on our trust and belief in Christ. God knows the future, a promising future for those who believe and love Him. He knows the exact timing.

My high school principal used to say ‘when life gives you lemon, make lemonade out of it.’ Let the situations you are going through be a reason to continue being strong in prayer, believing and trusting God even more. Pray that God gives you courage to overcome as well. He says that no temptation has overtaken you yet, but rather when faced with any temptation, He’ll is compassionate enough to give you a way out.

In Romans, the Bible says that all things work for the good of those who love Him-God. Another main reason to hold on to our hope.God’s know your plight, wait for His timing.

May God, bless you and renew the hope in you.

Until the next article, have a nice time. Sharing is caring, remember to pass across.

12 thoughts on “Don’t worry, God knows His right timing

  1. This article has really spoken to me as am at a time when everyone seems to be running and am just spectating.Waiting for God’s time is not easy yet my hope in Jesus Christ is the crutch that is holding me up.Joshua thank you for being one of those people who are speaking life in this time.God bless you truly.


    1. Thank you so much Bianka. Am very humbled by your response.I pray that God blesses you and give you a reason to hold on to your hope and trust in Him. In due time, He’ll surely make you smile.


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