You too can walk on water

“Humans are hard wired to want to things”.

Looking for new friends, those super cool hilarious ones; sending applications for that new job, the highly payed one that you always dream of. Working so hard and smart for the job promotion. Studying so hard in school with the dream of a future career in mind. Each day, dreaming of that future perfect match for you; your exact photocopy, your spouse.

All focus can’t be laid on the positive aspects only, there are bad attitudes and circumstances we all want to abandon. Poverty, sickness, misfortunes…name them.

Constantly trying to achieve a better state-the other side. Christians, always seeking to know more about God. We all want to grow older each day in terms of our spirituality levels. Praying God for renewed strength and hope in Him.

The other side; the better state. In simple terms the greener pastures. The states where we find peace, self-actualization, comfort, love and recognition.

In church, last Sunday, the preacher talked of a few occurrences when Jesus and the disciples were trying to cross over to the other side. The whole sermon is an inspiration worth sharing.

Mark 4:35-41 King James Version (KJV)

35 And the same daywhen the even was come, he saith unto them, Let us pass over unto the other side. (The chapter goes, ‘cross over to the other side.)

In the life of a Christian, Satan and his principalities truly understand your plight. They ultimately understand that you trying to cross over to the side. That always doesn’t make them happy-they’ll always find a way of bringing you down; “a storm”. That would be an understatement, talk of strong winds accompanying the strong storm.

Moving  on with the Bible story on Mark, note that the storm was strong enough to shake the boat. Same situation that happens when we are faced with challenges, they are big enough to shake you, making you feel unsafe and compromise your spiritual faith. The disciples already forgot the had faith and had to wake the master- Jesus Christ for help- who was asleep by then.

Lessons we can learn from the above instance.

  • On your journey to crossing over, be ready for storms. Situations that compromise your journey. This calls for us to be strong in prayer and fasting. Many a times you’ve always heard that the strongest battles are won on the knees. Precisely, seek to be stronger each day.
  • The best part where I’ll dwell on pretty much is the point where, Christ was with the disciples all through. He never leaves you at all times. He is there with you.

Leave alone the healthy view-who would dare use the staircase they have an elevator a meter away? Who prefers walking to a free comfortable ride on the coolest car they’ve ever seen? Why get troubled carrying so much load when you have a friend who can help you?

Christ’s love is incomparable to the above situations. His love is more than that of a friend. Don’t face the situations alone, wake Him up”! Surrender all to Him. Facing your situations with your own power can be compared to going to gun fight with a bare chest. Believe and trust in God and He’ll surely never fail you.

On another incidence in the Mark 14:22, Jesus and His disciples were still crossing over to other side. He went to the mountain to pray, and soon the boat was at a distance from the land. Shortly before dawn, the disciples saw Him walking on water.At first, they thought He was a ghost.

Here are some few notable lessons from this incidence;

  • Peter saw Jesus walk on water and took the first step, ‘he called Him’. Just like I’d clearly stated, you need to invite Jesus if you want to achieve the unthinkable-just like walking on water.
  • Soon, Peter got the courage and walked on water. It wasn’t long though before he saw ‘the wind’ and became afraid. Immediately, he began to sink. Jesus caught him and asked Him ‘why doubt?’.

Just like the older case story, the wind- challenges will be there. However, once you have Christ in you, He helps you overcome, don’t let doubt and fear overcome you. Remain strong and focus on your task at hand.

The whole point of walking on water makes me think of the many Christians who are sinking and others to the extent of swimming deep down in water. Alone, swimming won’t last long before your muscles get worn out. Accept Christ and let Him hold you up while you walk on water. He’ll be there to catch you up each time you start sinking. And in the same way, if you are walking on water, don’t let those around you struggle-lift them up too. Spread the gospel and let them know that Christ exists and loves them.

Hope this has a been a blessing. Let me know in the comments below. Remember to share across. You can also subscribe to my YouTube channel for a daily dose of inspiration. Until the nest article, be blessed.

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